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TUTAFIKA means “we will get there” or “we will arrive”. TUTAFIKA believes everyone has the capacity to achieve goals if they are provided with the right support.

Our staff are qualified and experienced service providers with both professional and personal experience of disability, and an understanding of NDIS. TUTAFIKA CARE SERVICES provides quality services to ensure participants’ goals are met.

We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps.

- Francis Bacon.


  • We provide support coordination, specialist support coordination to NDIS participants.
  • We support participants with all levels of disability, including high and complex needs.
  • We are made by people with disabilities and follow the lead of participants, allowing participants to exercise choice and control of their funded services.
  • We are independent so we can assure you that we are fully focussing on participants meeting their NDIS goals.
  • We are a culturally appropriate service; we are aware of the different cultural beliefs and we respect clients’ beliefs.
  • We are client oriented. We work together in respect of participants’ needs.
  • We will assist you in maximizing and understanding the funded supports within your NDIS plan.
  • Our team of professionals across metropolitan Adelaide is available to connect you with services within your local area.
  • It is not just about professional skills we have personal and life experiences too!

Goals are the road maps that we need to follow

It is the way to capacity building

TUTAFIKA will assist you in maximizing and understanding the funded supports in your NDIS plan.

We encourage participants to exercise choice and control of their funded services. Our team will work with you to make an informed decision and will connect you with the appropriate services you need to achieve your goals.

With a focus on building your skills, we support you in making informed choices to make the most of your funding.

We are here to support you to work on your strengths, increase your skills, achieve your goals, and become more independent.

We believe that all individuals are seeking the same thing, achieving goals; but all achieve goals at a different time.

We listen with the intent to understand. Listening is the most important thing needed to help someone.

Why we believe we are unique

Strengths perspective and empowerment approach will be considered when working with you. Our services follow the NDIS guideline to ensure we provide participants with the right support. As a culturally appropriate support service we will work with you to find the most appropriate support to meet your NDIS goals.

Our support coordination service will work with you to follow the way to independence. Follow the road to capacity building!

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